Catching Up..

August 6, 2008 at 1:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Gah! Totally forgetting about this blog.. never a good thing for me! I haven’t read too many books though, so I guess I’m ok..

I’ve read So Long At the Fair, Stealing Athena, and The Gargoyle.


Stealing Athena – Karen Essex

I really enjoyed this one! Not only is the cover beautiful, the storyline was very good as well.

Aspasia is a courtesan and philosopher in ancient Athens, unable to marry her master due to a law he himself has set in place. Even though a woman’s place is to be hidden and quiet, she sets out to argue logic, find truths, and help others with her advice. Throughout the course of her story, we meet the artists and sculptors that created some of the famous statues and friezes, and how she influenced them.

Lady Mary Elgin is wife to a British ambassador in the 1600’s. What started as a whirlwind marriage met with disapproval from her parents, slowly degrades into unhappiness and bitterness, and eventually, divorce. Her husband’s great ambition was to bring home the marbles that we saw being built in Aspasia’s story, back home, with much acclaim and wealth. Mary, using her charms and smarts, tries to help him meet his goals, which in the end, is grossly misunderstood, and used against her, by her husband, taking from her her greatest possessions.

I felt Mary was a strong and smart woman, going against her role of modesty and meekness to help her husband, and standing up for what she wanted in the end. I couldn’t help but feel sad when her husband took away what she most dearly loved.. And Aspasia, who was a social outcast in Athens because she wasn’t a legal citizen and originally sold to be a courtesan, helped influence some of the great minds of her time.

The author tried to stick to the facts as closely as she could, which I did appreciate, and she wrote the story very well. The only downside, and it’s very small, is my book actually arrived with a page ripped in half. Other than that though.. Nothing but praise here.


The Gargoyle – Andrew Davidson

Yes, the first half is a bit gruesome, talking about the burns he received. Why sugar coat it though? The pain and the destruction of the body is a terrible thing, but I’d rather they be confronted realistically, like a real patient would, rather than fluffed up. The second half definitely gets better though, so for those that are bothered by the first, keep going on!

While in the burn unit, he meets a psychiatric patient, Marianne Engel, who’s convinced she’s his lover hundreds of years ago. As the story progresses, she grows on him and everyone they encounter. She tells fantastical stories from her time as a nun in Engelthal, to Vikings, to a glass-blowing woman in China. They all shared a common theme – love, and the sacrifices made for it.

The book is really quite good, and one I will be recommending to my friends to read. Enjoy!


So Long At the Fair – Christina Schwarz

I tried to give this one a chance, really did. Even though I finished it, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. It’s a story in the present day, intertwined with events from the past. Even though those events answered some questions about the characters, I felt like I was still missing out, and she ends the story with a few things hanging too. Definately no happy ending here. Just a feeling of ‘so… what happened?’ It was interesting to see how it all ties together but other than that, this book didn’t do it for me.


Currently reading The Aviary Gate, then I plan on American Wife next. Still need to get through i, robot! More on the way as always! Feels like whenever I give some away (mostly to my grandmother) more pop in to replace the vacancy. Ahh! LibraryThing and ShelfAwareness do NOT help!


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