The Richest Season

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The Richest Season

Joanna is a wife to a highly successful corporate husband. After being surprised with his latest promotion and realizing it would mean packing up for another move, and less time together with her husband, she packs up and goes to Pawley’s Island, a place she discovered years ago. Confronted by depleting funds, she takes up a job caring for Grace, an elderly woman. From there she slowly starts to heal and does some soul searching.

After Paul, her husband, realizes it’s not just “another thing” and she wasn’t coming back, then loses his job, he starts to do some soul searching of his own. He reconnects with his children, repairing the relationships with them. He rediscovers the joys of working with wood, and meets new people in his neighborhood because of it. He also realizes that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness, especially if you don’t have someone to share it with.

Through it all, the story flowed nicely. The characters all had a story to them, and when their story was revealed it didn’t take away from the story, but added to it nicely. When McFadden talks about the beach, you can almost feel as if you’re there as well. It’s light, and good for a beach read, though I think with the beach scenes, it might be nicer to read during the cold winters! (my original review from

She’s a stay at home mom, whose primary job was caring for her kids, but now that they’re fully grown and gone, she’s able to spend her time as she wishes. She has a part time job, and a garden she loves. The only thing she’s missing is friends, her one best friend thousands of miles away. With the new promotion and impending move, she resents the thought of being uprooted – yet again – and having to start over. While she didn’t go about it in completely the right way, I do admire her for going off on her trip to figure things out, and what to do about her life.
At Pawley’s Island, she settles in at Grace’s, gets a part time job on the side, makes friends, and joins a turtle watching club. She eventually realizes not everything is perfect though. Grace eventually reveals she has a terminal illness, hence why she only asked for a 6 month obligation from Joanna. Her husband desperately wants her back, and fights to win her heart again. She develops a crush on a gentleman from the turtle watchers, and winds up doing more than she should with him. She also realizes that she barely knows him, despite spending so much time with him, and eventually is told the truth about his questionable relationship with another woman.
In such a short period of time (only a few months,) it seems almost unbelievable that so much should occur to her. At the same time though, it IS believable. We all have a story to us, we all have secrets we’d rather not share. While we may not all experience the same things she did, some of us did and can relate. How often does a woman resent being shuttled place to place while her workaholic husband is never home? How often do we here stories of kids growing up, going to college, moving out, and mom experiencing an “empty nest syndrome”? Being faced with situations like that, she’s not the only one, nor will she be the last, that’s going to want to escape and re-discover herself, and figure things out. It’s one heck of a mid life crisis, I guess. Just my own thoughts!

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